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Our welding specialists have the necessary training and skills to carry out all welding work. Whether manual or automated welding, we have many modern equipment and a welding robot for medium and large series. The ISO 3834-2 certifications as well as the internal qualified welding supervision guarantee the highest quality.



The TIG / WIG processes are particularly characterized by the reduction of welding sprays. The welding specialist can also accurately record how much additional melt material is to be added, which leads to an optimum quality of the weld seam.

In MAG welding, an endless electrode is burned with protective gas. The advantages in MAG welding are that certain properties can be influenced by different compositions in the gas / electrode mixture, for example the lower slag formation, the good mechanical quality values and the high process reliability.

Robotic welding (MIG, MAG und CMT)

Due to the high flexibility of the FlexArc 250R welding robot from ABB, the application possibilities are almost unlimited. Especially when it comes to process speed and lower costs with the same quality, it can be more efficient to use the robot starting with a lot of a few dozen parts. Our specialists are looking for the best welding process together with you.


CMT-welding (cold metal transfer)

CMT welding is an arc welding process based on the MIG / MAG process. When welding on the robot, the welding wire pulsates at a high frequency, which results in a very low heat input into the workpiece and the formation of welding sprays is massively reduced. CMT welded parts can in most cases be directly applied to surface treatment without post-processing.


spot welding

We have the possibility to carry out spot welding orders for customers, regardless of whether they are larger series or individual parts. In the spot welding process, metallic materials are welded together by pressure and current. Our specialists ensure that a high-quality result is obtained with strict adherence to the current surge and pressure.


Electron and laser welding

For thin-walled or gas-tight assemblies, we rely on proven electron beam and laser welding. In this area, we have several well-integrated partners who guarantee short delivery times and impeccable quality. We can, of course, provide you with the necessary test reports, such as: Leak test or ultrasonic and dye penetration tests.



Platform support for cableway cabins

Our service starts with fully automatic lasering and subsequent bending of the individual parts and continues through the CMT welding in the robot welding cell up to the post-treatment and surface treatment according to customer requirements. In addition, we design and manufacture all of our welding devices ourselves to ensure an optimal welding process.


Control box for automation devices

The housing has been redesigned by our engineering team in order to ensure a high-quality production on the welding robot. The CMT welding process results in a very low heat input to the base material, eliminating the need for subsequent work such as the removal of welding sprays and straightening.


Highly loaded filter sieves for gas and steam turbines

Cylindrical sieves are used in all larger gas and steam turbines and serve to protect the filigree turbine blades from flying foreign substances during operation. We are able to manufacture these highly stressed parts quickly and efficiently in-house. The manufacturing process includes lasers and CNC punching of the high-alloyed sheet metal, processing of the forging flange for the flange bodies, followed by conventional or robot-based welding of all components to the ready-to-assemble assembly.