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As a contract manufacturer, we take over the complete production of assemblies and products for our customers. For us, customer requirements such as quality, throughput time and productivity are of paramount importance. Depending on the needs and wishes of the customer, we can rely on our own flexible production or use the global network of procurement partners built up over the years. We coordinate the entire logistics and, if desired, the product support over the entire product life cycle.


precision assembly

A flexible concept allows us to assemble various parts in complexity and size in our assembly. We make no difference whether you deliver the parts to us or we manufacture them ourselves. Our air-conditioned and dust-free assembly room also allows us to assemble and test highly precise parts - for example from medical technology - in a competent and traceable manner.


Sample products:

  • Computer cabinets including electrical cabling for medical technology
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies including function controls
  • Handling equipment for medical patient care and monitoring
  • Calibration sets consisting of plastic, sheet metal and production parts as well as high-quality transport case

Major assembly

In addition to the fine assembly, we are also able to assemble larger assemblies in a flexible assembly environment and, if desired, to commission them directly at the customer's premises.
Product examples:


  • Machine frames and formwork up to 6 meters in length
  • Complete systems including hydraulics, pneumatics and PLC control
  • Complete gearbox assemblies including motors and control hydraulics

Sample projects in assembling

Steam and hydraulic valves

Thanks to our know-how, we are able to produce complete valves for a wide variety of media. Our service begins with the consultation and re-engineering of old valves, the processing and testing of all individual parts, the assembly and functional test as well as a strategic spare parts service. We are proud that our assemblies work smoothly in hundreds of large power plants every day for decades.


Calibration Systems for Tumble Furnaces

Modern tumor radiation systems have to be tested and calibrated daily in hospitals in order to ensure a reliable irradiation of the tumor and to keep the load on the surrounding tissue as low as possible. For the global market leader for these devices, Aartech supplies the complete calibration system, which comprises the plastic calibration body as well as the complete formwork and brackets for the electronic devices. In addition, the associated IT systems are assembled, tested, packaged and delivered directly to the customer's logistics center.