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Parts of sheet metal are like a business card of your products. Whether as modern and functionally designed design elements of machine cladding or as important technical components, which have to fulfill the highest characteristics of cycle frequency and wear resistance. Our state-of-the-art and automated sheet metal manufacturing combined with the right surface treatment contributes significantly to the fact that your customers will be able to work with your products on a daily basis. Our sheet metal specialists will be glad to advise you in order to get the best out of the high-tech product sheet together with you.


Laser cutting / combiners

From the prototype to series of several tens of thousand items, we manufacture everything on our trumpf laser systems. By the combination of punching and laser processes on a machine, we can shorten the throughput time for demanding parts to a minimum.

Here are some highlights that inspire:

  • Fully automatic stop-box with up to 300 storage spaces
  • Processing of sheet metal to large format (1'500x3'000 mm)
  • Numerous alloys and sheet thicknesses always in stock, reserved for your express orders
  • Laser processing up to material thickness of 25 mm
  • Expertise in the machining of structural steel, INOX, aluminum and copper alloys
  • Lasering, punching, bending and threading, all in one production process!

On our machine list in the download area you will find lots of additional information on laser and die cutting. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Punching machines

You want both small and medium series as well as large numbers of units built-in from a single source? No problem, on our punching machines we produce series up to several hundred thousand pieces per year and undertake the complete post processing such as troweling and surface treatments. You can benefit from our many decades of experience in the production of punched parts and enjoy the following services:


  • Advice on the design of the punching and bending part
  • Advice on material selection and surface treatment
  • Express production of prototypes and patterns
  • Tool design and manufacturing (all in-house)
  • Heat treatment such as solution annealing, nitrocarburizing or curing
  • Surface treatments such as silver-plated, gold-plated nickel-plated, etc.
  • Picking and just in-time delivery

Bending, bending, forming

Our 230 tons CNC press brakes also make the toughest materials up to 3'000 mm in length fast and precise. By means of an efficient software connection, we are able to shorten the set-up times as well as the bending times optimally. With the SPI Sheetmetal Data Editor it is possible for us to simulate the bending processes already in the CAD system and to advise you as early as possible in the design phase.


Round profile rollers and straightening

For cylindrical shapes, we have various round and profile rolling systems available, where we can produce both flat sheets as well as profile bars quickly in shape and the desired length.

Most of these parts go directly into the processing by welding or mechanical processing.

surface finish

We do not compromise on surface quality. In the case of visible parts, we guarantee a 100% scratch-free surface so that the parts can also be used without varnishing. This is achieved by the use of laminated metal sheets or where this is not possible by means of subsequent grinding and polishing processes.
In our in-house troweling system we are able to remove sharp edges, oil and solvents from the part surface by means of sliding loops and to prepare these for the further process steps. This method is particularly suitable for smaller punched parts with various deflections and complex geometries.

Grinding Master
With our surface sanding line we give your products the desired fine sanding and a perfect surface finish. Depending on the requirements, various sanding belts and polishing discs are used, which can be retrofitted within a very short time.

surface treatment
With our long-standing partners from Germany and abroad, we can offer almost every surface treatment process, reliably and in perfect quality. We guarantee this by pre-fabricated color samples, so that your parts have the same look for years. The most commonly used methods include:


  • Wet and powder coating
  • Anodizing (colorless and according to RAL color)
  • Silver, gilding, tin plating, nickel plating
  • Plastic coatings
  • Ceramic coatings (zirconium oxide coatings)
  • Titanium oxide coatings
  • electropolishing

Sample products

Suction for flatbed laser

Suction systems are used in flat-bed lasers to quickly remove process gases. We produce extensive sheet metal assemblies for the market leader in the field of laser systems and deliver these just-in-time to the respective assembly plants of the customer in Switzerland and abroad. Our services start with the engineering of the sheet metal assemblies, flat machining, bending, assembly of the mechanical and pneumatic components up to the delivery of the export packaging.


Sheet metal formwork of precision machines for electronic imaging

With Aartech, the customer has found the ideal partner for the highly complex production of formwork for the graphic arts industry. The makellose surface of the cladding is just as challenging as the tight production tolerances. In addition, a specially designed packaging ensures that the components can be transported between the individual production processes right through to the customer without any damage or contamination.