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Sheet metal working in perfection and variety

Parts made of thin sheet are like a business card for your products. Whether as modern and functionally designed design elements of machine cladding or as important technical components, which must fulfill the highest characteristics of clock frequency and wear resistance.

Our modern and automated sheet metal fabrication, combined with the right surface treatment, will make a significant contribution to your customers' love to work with their products daily. Our sheet metal specialists will gladly advise you in order to get the best out of the high-tech sheet metal product together with you.


Laser cutting and combination punching

From prototypes to series of tens of thousands, we manufacture everything on our Trumpf laser systems. By combining punching and laser processes on one machine, we can reduce the throughput time for demanding parts to a minimum.

Here are some highlights that inspire:

  • Fully automatic Stopa sheet metal warehouse with up to 300 storage spaces
  • Processing of metal sheets up to large format (1'500x3'000 mm)
  • Numerous alloys and sheet thicknesses always in stock, reserved for your express orders
  • Laser processing up to material thickness of 25 mm
  • Expertise in machining structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloys
  • Laser cutting, punching, bending and tapping, all in one production process!
  • On our list of machines in the download area you will find many additional information about laser and punching. For all further information, we look forward to your call.


Round profile rolling and straightening

For cylindrical shapes, we have various round and profile rolling mills available, where we can bring both flat sheets and profile bars in all materials quickly in shape and the desired length.

Internally we can roll in the following dimension, for larger dimensions we have external partners:

Profiles: 15 mm thick and 100 mm wide
Sheets: 15 mm thick and 1'800 mm wide

Mostly these parts go directly into the further processing by welding or mechanical processing.


automated cutting machine

You want both small and medium series and large quantities ready to install from a single source? No problem, on our stamping machines we produce series of up to several hundred thousand pieces per year and undertake the complete post-processing, such as trowelling and surface treatments. You can benefit from our decades of experience in stamped parts production and enjoy the following services:

  • Advice on the structural design of the stamped and bent parts
  • Advice on the choice of materials and the surface treatment
  • Express production of prototypes and sample series
  • Tool design and manufacturing (everything in-house)
  • Heat treatment such as solution annealing, nitrocarburizing or hardening
  • Surface treatments such as silvering, gold plating, etc.
  • Picking and just-in-time delivery


Bending, bending and forming

Our 230-ton CNC press brakes quickly and accurately shape even the toughest materials up to 3'000 mm in length.

Efficient software integration enables us to optimally shorten set-up times and bending times.
With the SPI Sheetmetal Data Editor we are able to simulate the bending processes already in the CAD system and provide you with optimal advice during the design phase.

Perfect surface finish

No compromises are made in terms of surface quality. With visible parts we guarantee a 100% scratch-free surface, so that the parts can be used without painting. We achieve this by using foiled metal sheets or where this is not possible by means of subsequent grinding and polishing processes.
In our own Trowalisieranlage we are able to remove by means of vibratory grinding sharp edges, oil and solvent from the parts surface and prepare them for the further process steps. This method is particularly suitable for smaller stampings with various bends and complex geometries.

Grinding master
With our surface grinding system, we give your products the desired finish and perfect surface finish. Depending on the requirements, various sanding belts and polishing wheels are used, which can be converted within a very short time.


Sample products

Cladding for special printing press

With Aartech, the customer has found the ideal partner for the highly complex production of moldings for the graphics industry.

The flawless surface of the shuttering is just as challenging as the tight manufacturing tolerances.
In addition, specially designed packaging ensures that the components can be transported between the individual manufacturing processes right through to the customer without damage or contamination.

Extractors for laser systems

Extractors are used in flatbed lasers for the rapid removal of process exhaust gases.

We manufacture extensive sheet metal assemblies for the market leader in the field of laser systems and deliver them just-in-time to the customer's respective assembly plants in Switzerland and abroad.

Our services start with the engineering of sheet metal assemblies, flat machining, folding, assembly of mechanical and pneumatic components up to the provision of export packaging.


References iron sheets

  •  Shaft turning device for steam turbines
    Shaft turning device for steam turbines
    800 mm
  •  Isolation for turbo charger
    Isolation for turbo charger
    1'600 mm
  •  Sheet metal housing for battery charger
    Sheet metal housing for battery charger
    500 mm
  •  Housing for traction current converter
    Housing for traction current converter
    1'600 mm
  •  control panel for machine tool
    control panel for machine tool
    150 mm
  •  Electrical cabinet
    Electrical cabinet
    1'800 mm
  •  Housing for traction current converter
    Housing for traction current converter
    2'000 mm
  •  Sheet metal casing for turbocharger
    Sheet metal casing for turbocharger
    1'800 mm
  •  Gas duct insert for gas turbines
    Gas duct insert for gas turbines
    350 mm
  •  sheet for gas turbines
    sheet for gas turbines
    250 mm
  •  Casing for medical devices
    Casing for medical devices
    250 mm
  •  Copper segment for gas turbines
    Copper segment for gas turbines
    400 mm
  •  Money return channel for ticket machine
    Money return channel for ticket machine
    300 mm
  •  Copper contact element for power semiconductors
    Copper contact element for power semiconductors
    50 mm
  •  Cover
    350 mm
  •  Lasered and embossed inserts for turbines
    Lasered and embossed inserts for turbines
    40 mm
  •  Stampings made of copper
    Stampings made of copper
    30 mm
  •  Engraved and printed nameplates
    Engraved and printed nameplates
    200 mm
  •  Burst protection for turbochargers
    Burst protection for turbochargers
    500 mm
  •  Damper for gas turbines
    Damper for gas turbines
    180 mm
  •  Clamping ring for turbogenerators
    Clamping ring for turbogenerators
    1'200 mm
  •  Silencer for turbocharger
    Silencer for turbocharger
    1'300 mm
  •  Rotor pole for drive technology
    Rotor pole for drive technology
    1'000 mm
  •  Nozzle ring for turbocharger
    Nozzle ring for turbocharger
    300 mm
  •  Housing welding module
    Housing welding module
    220 mm
  •  Burner sieve for gas turbines
    Burner sieve for gas turbines
    350 mm
  •  Robot-welded control housing
    Robot-welded control housing
    200 mm
  •  Stator plates for generators and motors
    Stator plates for generators and motors
    900 mm
  •  mounting device for generators
    mounting device for generators
    6'000 mm
  •  Air damper complete
    Air damper complete
    500 mm