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The corporate goal of Aartech GmbH is the long-term securing of the company through economic success. Our  today's satisfied customers are our partners, today and tomorrow and building  the success of the company.
The quality of our actions is the basis for our business success. Compliance with customer requirements and fulfillment of customer expectations is our fundamental goal.
Aartech Ltd. always acts in the interest of its customers and is a reliable partner in any situations.
The management manual aims to define and document the quality, environmental and safety policy and to develop it continuously. Furthermore the topics following are regulated:
- Organization of processes
- Ensuring operational safety
- Provision of the necessary resources
- Continuous improvement process (CIP)
- Compliance with standards and laws

With our quality policy we commit ourselves to permanently meet the requirements of our customers and interested parties and to continuously improve our quality management system.
The effectiveness of the quality management system is maintained, continuously monitored, adjusted and improved by means of regularly performed inspection measures, performance controls, reviews and audits.


Environmental policy

All resources are used economically. A continuous reduction of waste is supported by environmentally friendly disposal. 
Sustainable ecological orientation and action is an important part of our corporate responsibility. It requires the targeted avoidance or reduction of ecological burdens and risks across all stages - from product development through raw material procurement and processing to the disposal of waste - and across all areas of the company. In all our processes we aim to protect the environment from pollution and to use resources efficiently.
Aartech GmbH pays special attention to the observance of the legal regulations, which are demanded to the enterprise. By regular audits the conditions on site are checked and compared with the legal requirements. Possible legal changes, deviations are eliminated or implemented by appropriate measures.