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We start where others stop - our experts take on almost every machining challenge. Machining of high-alloyed nickel-based alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium alloys belongs to our daily business, but we also process aluminum with the necessary care.

From highly stressed parts for turbine and turbocharger construction to optically makellosen sightings for the medical technology, we have the right machine for each part at hand.



In our lathe, individual and serial parts up to a diameter of 1,000 mm are precisely manufactured. We then fine-tune and fine-tune these after a few thousandths of a millimeter. Whether components made of tempering steel or hardened shafts, we bring every part in swing!


Our specialties include:

  • Valve and pump parts such as housings, spindles, pistons and bearings
  • Radial and axial bearings for turbines and turbochargers
  • Turning and grinding of turbocharger - impellers
  • Gas turbine parts such as flanges and burner lance parts
  • Coupling and connecting bolts as well as extension shafts
  • Measuring and calibration shafts as well as hardened tool inserts


The 5-axis machining of high-alloy materials such as nickel-based alloys is one of our core competences. In addition, we are able to process complex castings with a dimension of up to one meter and then carry out the necessary leak tests. Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in the development and manufacture of clamping devices, which considerably shorten machining times.


Our specialties include:

  • Pumps and valve housings
  • Screen bodies for gas and steam turbines
  • Gas turbine parts such as vanes, combustion chambers, and gaskets
  • Operating elements for medical applications
  • Current-carrying contact elements for switchgear

Grinding & Eroding

Precision parts we give the finishing touch - whether components for punching tools or hardened valve spindles we grind in the micrometer range.

We have a range of flat and circular grinding machines in operation and ensure a perfect dimensional stability by means of a well-equipped quality assurance system.

In addition, we can look back on decades of experience in the field of wire sinking and sinking erosion, and are thus able to produce more complex geometries in very hard materials together with our partners.

Project references from production

Highly charged gas and steam turbine parts

In modern gas and steam turbines, every percentage of the increase in efficiency corresponds to a small sensation. Therefore, the components are also optimized to the technical limit, whether using high-alloyed materials, heat-resistant ceramic coatings or flow-optimized geometries.


The manufacturer is faced with the following challenges:

  • Machining of high-strength materials such as Hastelloy X and Inconel
  • High tool wear
  • Long machine running times
  • Very expensive raw materials with long delivery times

We are proud to be able to process some of these gas turbine parts for new plants as well as for service projects. The entire process takes place almost in-house. Starting from raw material blanking by means of laser cutting, the machining of the individual parts by means of optimized milling processes, the joining together by welding and vacuum soldering up to the functional and dimensional inspection and documentation of the test results.




Complex milling and turning parts for satellites

Some of our parts have already flown further than the planet Mars. We are proud to produce highly stressed structural parts made of aluminum and titanium, which are used in aerospace applications, for example, for drive brackets, solar panels or on rocket tips.

These structural parts are subjected to very high loads, have to meet stringent quality requirements and have a very low weight. On our highly precise and flexible 5-axis milling machines, we efficiently process aluminum, titanium and nickel base alloys to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter and ensure a perfect product quality using 3D CNC measuring machines.