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A partner for the complete product development

Our design experts create measurable value for you by designing innovative, cost-effective, and production-optimized assemblies and systems.

We approach your project-specific requirements and try to put together the ideal overall package for you:


  • Customer Experience and Design
  • Product safety and conformity
  • Ergonomics and product quality
  • Productivity and lead times
  • Product quality and service life
  • Function and manufacturability
  • Project and follow-up costs

For development projects we recommend our standard process:

  1. Optimization suggestions for your existing products and systems
  2. Standard and fixed price offers in German or English, on request with additional presentation
  3. Construction and production of prototypes
  4. Multilingual, illustrated and on request animated manuals
  5. CE conformity or installation declarations according to EC Machinery Directive
  6. Complete production documentation including PDF and step files
  7. Procurement and production of all components
  8. Function tests and acceptance at Aartech or on site at the customer
  9. Project completion and continuous improvement

Aartech Engineering Know-how

Development and production of prototypes

We implement your ideas quickly and cost-consciously to fully operational prototypes and experimental setups.
You have a contact person for the product development / 3D modeling up to the acceptance of the tested prototype.
We will gladly advise you on the subsequent industrialization and support you in launching the product on the market.

  • 3D modeling and drawing creation
  • 3D printing parts of plastic / stereolithography
  • Laser sintered parts made of all common metals
  • Post-processing and 3D measurement
  • Planning and construction of test facilities


Special machines and automation

We take over the conception and the engineering of your special machines for you, be it with completely new concepts or with upgrades of existing plants.
We also like to check existing concepts for potential savings in terms of cost optimization and plant availability. We are familiar with the following special machines:

  • Automated manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Integration of robots and handling systems
  • Machine sheathing and covers
  • Modular assemblies including hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics

Sheet metal housing and shuttering

We develop and produce high-quality thin-film housings directly from your 3D data files made of stainless materials or structural steel incl. All common surface treatments.
You will receive a complete package from us including cabling and installation of all purchased and supplied parts so that you have only one contact person for the entire system.

  • Cabinets / IT Cabinets
  • Power converter housing
  • Complete machine casing
  • Housing for ticketing systems
  • Special bodies for vehicles

Tools and devices

We develop customer-specific special solutions for use directly in your production or on-site at your customers or on construction sites worldwide.

  • Clamping devices for all processing machines
  • Measuring and test gauges
  • Load and lifting equipment
  • Eingiesswerkzeuge
  • Punching tools, embossing tools
  • Assembly and disassembly tools
  • Driven special tools (for example for robots)


Our Software and interchange format:


CAD (construction):

Solidworks 2016

Sheet metal forming:

SPI Sheetmetal Data Editor

NC Cutting- and Laser:  

Tru Tops (Laser, Punch, Bend)

CAM (programming):

Mastercam x6

interchange format types:

Step, dxf, iges, ipt, idw, iam, sat, prt, asm


Product Samples

Spreading device for blade mounting in gas and steam turbines

Turbine blades must be able to withstand very high mechanical and thermal loads while being aerodynamically optimally designed.

In order not to damage the blades when installed in the turbines and to optimize the assembly process in terms of assembly time and occupational safety, various mechanical and hydraulic assembly devices have been designed in collaboration with the customer, which are used worldwide at power plant construction sites.

Mounting device for generators

For every service on the generators in thermal power plants, the foremost part of the generator, the rotor cap, must be removed before the inspection.

Together with the customer, a modular hydraulic device was developed with which the rotor cap can be removed and shrunk back.
Our service included the concept development, the evaluation of suppliers for the subsystems, the preparation of the detailed and detailed drawings incl. Operating instructions as well as the commissioning.

Insulation sheathing for turbocharger

The cladding, which significantly contributes to the insulation of noise and waste heat around the turbocharger, has in the past been manufactured very cost-intensive with a lot of manual labor.

Our specialists have realized together with the customer a re-engineering of the turbocharger casings with the focus on a rational and reliable production with simultaneous short assembly time at the turbocharger.

Project references engineering

  •  Shaft turning device for steam turbines
    Shaft turning device for steam turbines
    800 mm
  •  Main oil pump for large turbines
    Main oil pump for large turbines
    700 mm
  •  Isolation for turbo charger
    Isolation for turbo charger
    1'600 mm
  •  Housing for traction current converter
    Housing for traction current converter
    1'600 mm
  •  Electrical cabinet
    Electrical cabinet
    1'800 mm
  •  Housing for traction current converter
    Housing for traction current converter
    2'000 mm
  •  Sheet metal casing for turbocharger
    Sheet metal casing for turbocharger
    1'800 mm
  •  Gas duct insert for gas turbines
    Gas duct insert for gas turbines
    350 mm
  •  sheet for gas turbines
    sheet for gas turbines
    250 mm
  •  Burst protection for turbochargers
    Burst protection for turbochargers
    500 mm
  •  Clamping ring for turbogenerators
    Clamping ring for turbogenerators
    1'200 mm
  •  Silencer for turbocharger
    Silencer for turbocharger
    1'300 mm
  •  Rotor pole for drive technology
    Rotor pole for drive technology
    1'000 mm
  •  Robot-welded control housing
    Robot-welded control housing
    200 mm
  •  Casting tool isolator production
    Casting tool isolator production
    400 mm
  •  mounting device for generators
    mounting device for generators
    6'000 mm
  •  Air damper complete
    Air damper complete
    500 mm