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Our design experts create measurable value for you by designing innovative, cost-effective, production-optimized assemblies and systems. We approach your project-specific requirements and try to compile the ideal overall package for you:


  • Customer Experience and Design
  • Product safety and conformity
  • Ergonomics and product characteristics
  • Productivity and lead times
  • Product quality and service life
  • Function and manufacturability
  • Project and follow-up costs

We use state-of-the-art systems to create your ideas where paper and pencil are no longer sufficient:
CAD (Construction): Solidworks 2016
Sheet processing: SPI Sheetmetal Data Editor
NC Punching and Laser: Tru Tops (Laser, Punch, Bend)
CAM (Programming): Mastercam x6
Exchange formats: Step, dxf, iges, ipt, idw, iam, sat, prt, asm


What you can expect from our engineering team:

  • Optimization proposals for your existing products and systems
  • Guiding and fixing prices in German or English, on request with additional presentation
  • Multilingual, illustrated and if desired animated instruction manuals
  • CE Declaration of Conformity or Installation in accordance with EG Machinery Directive
  • Complete production documentation including PDF and step files

Mounting device for rotor caps of turbogenerators

For every service on the generators in thermal power stations, the front part of the generator, the rotor cap, must be removed before inspection. Together with the customer, a modular hydraulic device has been developed with which the rotor cap can be removed and shrunk back. Our service included the conceptual design, the evaluation of suppliers for the subsystems, the drawing up of detail and design drawings incl. Operating instructions as well as commissioning.


Spreader for blade mounting in gas and steam turbines

Turbine blades have to withstand very high mechanical and thermal loads in operation and at the same time have to be optimally designed aerodynamically. In order not to damage the blades during installation in the turbines and to optimize the assembly process with regard to assembly time and safety, various mechanical and hydraulic mounting devices have been developed in cooperation with the customer, which are used worldwide on power plant construction sites.


Insulation formwork for turbochargers

The formwork around the turbocharger, which is a major contributor to the noise and waste heat, has been very costly in the past with a great deal of manual work. Together with the customer, our specialists have developed a re-engineering of the turbocharger formwork with a focus on efficient and process-safe production combined with a short assembly time at the turbocharger.