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Oil pump for gas and steam turbines


Main oil pumps supply complete steam turbine groups with over 1000 megawatts of lubricating oil. Aartech is responsible for the procurement, manufacturing and assembly of all components, as well as the worldwide spare parts service, and thus accompanies the customer throughout the life cycle of the product.


  • More than 20 pump types with different dimensions (60 - 2,500 kg piece weight)

  • Highest quality requirements to guarantee permanent operation in power plants

  • Ensuring short delivery times for spare parts

  • Full responsibility for all processes and project management

  • International procurement of materials and components


Our solutions and services:

  • In-house manufacturing of the main parts as well as assembly and testing

  • Delivery time and cost reduction through process optimization and alternative suppliers

  • Use of rapide casting for pump housings for small quantities

  • Increased product life in cooperation with engineering

  • Dual-source strategy for the most important components

Systems building

Shaft dosing devices for gas and steam turbines


Shaft valves are required for the start-up and shutdown of gas and steam turbines. They ensure that no damage is caused to the turbine during these processes and the safety of the maintenance personnel is ensured at all times.


  • Precision gearbox with housing tolerances of 0.01 m
    Integration of complete geared motors including parameter configuration

  • Several function and removal tests prescribed


Our solutions and services:

  • Cost-optimized re-engineering for new gearbox generations

  • In-house manufacture of key components

  • Procurement of raw materials and purchased parts in "Best Value" countries

  • Mechanical and electronic assembly including quality control and testing

  • Cost-transparency through the complete value chain

  • Cost reduction of over 30% in two years

  • Worldwide spare parts availability within three working days

  • Very short delivery times thanks to strategic stock production

Production transfer

Infrastructure housing for the railway industry


Housings for the railway infrastructure are in most cases exposed to severe weather influences and therefore have high demands on material and processing quality. We take over the entire service beginning with the engineering, prototype construction, production of the zero series up to the shift in "Best Value" countries. In this example, a cost reduction of more than 40% was achieved for the customer. This guarantees the optimum price / performance ratio, starting with the prototype right up to serial production.


  • Cost pressure and high expectations regarding cost reductions

  • High requirements and material and processing quality

  • Various product types, which only partially fit optimally to the machine park.


Our solutions and services:

  • Procurement of raw materials and purchased parts in "Best Value" countries

  • Transfer of the entire production knowledge to partner companies abroad

  • Cost transparency through disclosure of the books

  • Regular benchmarking of the transferred products and suppliers

  • Cost reduction of over 40% during the project runtime

  • Ensuring an impeccable product quality


Calibration systems for cancer therapy


In our dust-free assembly room, we assemble and package complete calibration systems for cancer therapy. Our service includes production optimization of prototypes, selection of the best procurement and production possibilities as well as the complete assembly and functional control up to the packing and dispatch to the central warehouse of the customer.


  • Complete traceability of all components

  • Visible parts with the highest demands on cleanliness and surface quality

  • 100% Logging of all reference masses


Our solutions and services

  • Project management and full responsibility for the entire value chain

  • In-house production of sheet metal and production parts

  • Assembly including final inspection and packaging of assemblies

  • Creation of extensive quality documentation


Suction systems for laser machines


Suction systems are used in flat-bed lasers to quickly remove process gases. We produce extensive sheet metal assemblies for the market leader in the field of laser systems and deliver these just-in-time to the respective assembly plants of the customer in Switzerland and abroad. Our services start with the engineering of the sheet metal assemblies, flat machining, bending, assembly of the mechanical and pneumatic components up to the delivery of the export packaging.


  • Delivery window of maximum 2 days

  • Just-in-time delivery without buffer

  • Large variety of different versions and types

  • Modular delivery of different types


Our solutions and services

  • Engineering support already during sample production

  • Manufacture of all parts, bearing or order-related

  • Quality guarantee and first sample inspection

  • Shortest delivery time and optimal warehouse management

  • 100% delivery reliability

  • Provision of assembly-optimized pendant packaging

Engineering & System Assembling

Mounting device for rotor caps of turbogenerators


For every service on the generators in thermal power stations, the front part of the generator, the rotor cap, must be removed before inspection. Together with the customer, a modular hydraulic device has been developed with which the rotor cap can be removed and shrunk back. Our service included the conceptual design, the evaluation of suppliers for the subsystems, the drawing up of detail and design drawings incl. Operating instructions as well as commissioning.


  • Complex, multi-stage assembly process with heavy loads

  • Worldwide use necessary with consideration of language barriers

  • Modular design necessary due to different types of generators

  • Quick assembly and removal necessary including air and sea freight capable packaging


Our services and solutions:

  • Construction of a complete hydraulic-mechanical mounting device

  • Ensure CE conformity of all plant components

  • Creation of animated operating instructions for a quick and safe commissioning

  • Manufacture, assembly and commissioning of all plant components

  • Provision of reusable export packaging for worldwide use